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Anagramania®  &  Anagramania® Junior Edition
Clever Clues to Anagram!

This clever games challenges you to solve clues - but with a unique twist!  The answer to each clue is a single-word anagram made from the words embedded in the actual clue:  He took a sea trip and ran into some marine plunderers.   Re-arrange sea trip and perhaps those marine plunderes could be PIRATES!  Players compete against each other and the clock in a race to the center of the board.  Anagramania® is highly acclaimed and winner of 10 prestigious awards.


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Ask fast, think quickly and use your head, literally!

Who am I?  What am I?  Where am I? has never been this much fun!  You've got 60 seconds....GO!  Pick a card and put it in your headband for all to see and start asking questions, FAST!  If you can't guess in 60 seconds your opponents are now on your team and can give you a one-word clue for shared points.   The first person to reach the end in all three categories is the winner!  Easy to learn, fun to play.


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The card game that is SUM kinda fun!

You have a randomly selected number.  Now, try to envison how to reach that number my combining a collection of number cards and "operator" cards: plus, minus, multiply and divide (+, -, X, ÷) and reach that number!  EqualZ challenges both mental arithmetic skills and creative abilities.  An optional buy/sell rule adds an entertaining twist, as players try to win each round by using up all the cards in their.  Rummy meets math!


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The Game That's FULL OF IT!

Let's give them something to talk about!

A storytelling game where you and your friends and family's lives are full of adventure, action, mystery, comedy and drama, even if it's a total Fabrication!   Your team must "work in" a line from your game card undetected from the opposing team.  Lines like, "It missed my head by this much".  The opposing team guesses which line of their story was from the game card to score points.  Some lines are real "Zingers" worth more points!  Optional Story Starter Help Cards included!


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An exciting word game of Equals and Opposites!

A lively game of word debates!  Do the words "leg" and "limb" have the same meaning?  Round 1:  Players try to make pairs of words with the same meaning (synonyms) coming from randomly selected set of letters.  Round 2:  Players try to pair words that have opposite meanings (antonyms): and in the last round, players are looking for words that sound alike (homonyms).  The player who ends up with the highest score is declared the winner.  But, in each round there is a challenge phase and your score reflects your success of the challenges as well as the value of word pairs.  A lively and often hilarious debate occurs when playing Nymble™! 


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Think Outside The Box™
Problem Solving Unconventionally!

This adult thinking game of brain-teasers challenge the creativity of individuals and groups.  Chosen in Europe by Microsoft, IBM and many other companies for employee training and team building.  Think Outside The Box cards are constructed in such a way that the user is led through various stages of solving the "problem".  There are three different levels:  easy, moderately difficult and difficult.  None of the problems are trivial and solving any of them definitely demands an unconventional approach! 


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Wicked Words®

A Word Game for the Wise, Witty and Winsome!

Get your competitive juices flowing as you race to beat the clock!  How would you get your team to guess "panhandle"?  Cluegivers may Talk a blue streak!  Gesture and point!  Read the definitions!  Sing a song lyric or give a clue for a sound-alike word.  Or, act it out and be creative!  You can also try to steal points from the opposing team by guessing bonus card words like "inkling".  Now that's a Wicked Word!


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A rummy type card game with a twist!

A classic card game goal of collecting sets of number cards and a sequence run of cards that allows you to BUY THAT CARD when it's not your turn!  Seven hands that get progressively harder to accomplish, but with rich rewards!  You must be selective on which cards you buy, as your buys are limited per hand.  And, the chips you have left are worth points to reduce your final score!  Win the hand, win the chips!  The player with the least amount of points after seven hands is the winner!  Chips included!

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For 3 or more players
Ages 10 to Adult
Approx Retail: $8.00


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